It’s that time of year again…

Get your cameras ready!

And get your video camera ready, too!

Clearwater is raising the bar on our summer photo contest! This year we want our customers to show off their pool and/or hot tub in new and creative ways! With all of the iPhone and Android apps for photography and video, it’s time to see how creative our customers are with the theme “Time to Swim!”

Think you can you come up with something? We’re giving you some ideas but we’re pretty sure our customers are more creative than this:

Time to Splash


Time to Float


Time to Chill


We will have a photo AND video winner for the best “Time to Swim” pictures and videos taken in an above ground pool, an inground pool and a hot tub. That’s three categories and 6 winners! Each winner will receive a $50 gift card to use at any of our Clearwater locations!

Start planning your “Time to Swim” entry! Work on this with your family! Pull out all the stops and show us your artistic talent!

But we do have a few rules…

1. You must keep it family friendly! 

We’re a family business! That means if you are shooting a video keep the language clean and the swimsuits on! Keep the swimsuits on for photos, too!

2. Safe shots only, please!

We don’t want any of you getting hurt while trying to win our contest! We’re not looking for the craziest dive or belly flop–we’re looking for the most creative image of you or your friends or your family diving or flopping!

3. You must share your entry on your Facebook page and tag Clearwater! You can’t tag us if you haven’t liked us, so go like us (click on image):


This is what it will look like when you tag us:


Every Friday we will share the best entries of the week on our Facebook page!

Remember to only include people who want to be on Facebook and whose parents permit them to be on Facebook!

4. You must say “If It’s Time to Swim, It’s Time for Clearwater!” in your video if you enter a video in the contest! 

We don’t care when you say it, just say it and have fun saying it! 

5. Caption your image or video using the “Time to…” theme.

Do you exercise in your pool? Make a “Time to Work Out” video! Do you grill by the pool? Take some “Time to Eat” shots! Do you read while you float in your pool? “Time to Read” pic! The ideas are endless…

6. Use the hashtag #timeforclearwater when posting your photo or video on Facebook (and any other social media!). 

Who knows…you may be famous on Instagram for your #timeforclearwater images!

7. All photos and videos must be posted on Facebook and we must be tagged by August 17th.

We’ll comment on your photo or video so you know we saw it!

Winners will be announced on Facebook September 1, 2015!