Safety is a top priority for any pool owner, which is why an automatic pool cover or safety pool cover is a must. Automatic pool covers provide complete peace of mind, as they close and lock when the pool is not in use, making it impossible for any unauthorized access. Safety pool covers, on the other hand, feature an interlocking system of panels that fit snugly over the pool, providing a secure and effective barrier between the water and potential intruders. With an automatic or safety pool cover, you can rest assured that your pool is always secure. Investing in a pool cover today is a smart decision that will keep your family and your pool safe for years to come.

Automatic Covers

All Cover-Pools pool covers are tailor made to fit your pool, no matter the shape or size. We have the options to provide you with a variety of deck designs and other features to enhance the appearance of your pool.

Clearwater Pools can help protect the pool of your dreams. If you are planning a new pool construction, this is the perfect time to include an automatic pool cover.

Safety Covers

Congratulations, you’ve made the investment in your backyard sanctuary by selecting the best products in the industry. To protect your investment and offer a layer of safety to your outdoor oasis, be certain to include a GLI Safety Cover. A GLI Safety Cover not only protects your swimming pool from the elements, but more importantly, it acts as an off-season, full-time Lifeguard for your pool, preventing the accidental intrusion of children, pets and/or any unwanted “visitors”.