If you spent a day in the sun at the beach or in your pool without sun protection of any kind, chances are you are feeling pretty sore and your skin is red. You may also be peeling like the guy in the photo above. It may seem like the pain is never going to  Read More

If you haven’t read Staying Safe in the Sun Part 1 and Part 2, make sure you do! Chances are pretty good that if you forgot to put sunscreen on your face and body, you also forgot to put it on your lips! Your lips are completely different type of skin and really need protection.  Read More

Yesterday we learned about the harmful UVA rays that you need to protect yourself from every day of the year. Go read Stay Safe in the Sun (Part 1) if you missed it… UVB rays from the sun are the reason your skin turns red when you have been out in the sun too long,  Read More