With my fingers dipped into the swirling water at Clearwater’s Grange Fair tent, the salesman listened to my dream… Three years later, Scott called — his friendly manner still without a hint of sales pressure — to ask if it was time to help me choose the perfect hot tub to fit and complement my friend’s awesome two-tier deck and pavilion design. Yes, the HotSpring Envoy it is! Next, the need for an affordable unplanned hardscape with landscaping that would preserve my wishes for a barrier free zone around the hot tub, enhance my friend’s deck design, oh, and NOW please.  Scott said, “Tim can handle that for you.”  Doubtful anyone could see through the ongoing construction and mess in my backyard and visualize, let alone create, the serenity in my dream, I babbled, Tim listened and took a few measurements. Now they tease me because I cried when I first saw Tim’s design. Working within existing unchangeable parameters, Tim somehow captured all my abstract wishes in flagstone, sit-on stonewalls, stone steps to accommodate the downhill natural grade, a wading pool, a fire ring, and most importantly, a creek with the sound of a babbling brook. Then he took me shopping to help me find the perfect trees, shrubs and perennials. Caring, respectful men with rare listening skills and work ethic guided and assured me as they created a private setting exceeding my dream — “a little bit of heaven” in my backyard. That was in 2009 and they all still support me with maintenance issues. When the job is done, they stick around – they become extended family.

Ella B.