We love podcasts in our house! If we are in the car for more than 45 minutes, rest assured we have a podcast streaming in the car. Just as podcasts are great for longer car rides, podcasts can be a great part of your poolside relaxation this summer. 

Today, let’s take a look at our favorite podcast, Stuff You Should Know. This is a fun listen for the whole family. You can find it for FREE if you go to the App store that comes with your phone or tablet. You can also listen via your computer if you follow the links below.

Our sons, Sam and Henry, couldn’t ride in the car for more than 45 minutes without this podcast. Keep in mind that Sam is 13 and Henry is almost 12. The topics might be a little advanced for toddlers and early elementary aged kids.


Without question, this is our favorite podcast. We love it so much that both Sam and Henry are hoping Josh and Chuck make a stop in Pittsburgh or Philadelphia on an upcoming live tour so we can go see them! Yeah, we’re kind of addicted to the “Stuff Guys.” 


When we first started homeschooling, we quickly discovered that both our boys were audio learners. Once we had that figured out, we turned to podcasts to dive deep into history, science and everything in between. Chuck and Josh have kind of a cult following in the homeschool world, and with good reason! The boys have too many favorites to list them all, but these are no doubt some of the most entertaining episodes we’ve listened to (sometimes two and three times):

Who Killed JFK


My boys are all caught up on the grassy knoll and all the conspiracy theories…

North Korea: What’s the Deal?


My boys had no idea what the deal was with North Korea. To be honest, I didn’t  know enough to teach them. We all learned quite a bit about North Korea with this episode!

How Rodney Dangerfield Worked


Caddyshack is one our our family favorite movies. My boys know just about all the lines to the famous scenes, including many with Rodney Dangerfield. Note: There is some language in this episode that you might want younger kids not to hear.

How Meth Works


If you want your kids to learn all about the horrible things illegal drugs can do to their body and their life, listen to any of the SYSK podcasts like this one. Every time we listen to a podcast about drugs the boys remember vividly what each drug is and what it can do to them. 

How Guide Dogs Work


We love dogs! This podcast gave us a deeper appreciation for all the guide dogs we meet!

Is There Treasure on Oak Island?


My son, Henry, has a slight obsession with World War II and all things related to it. And Sam loves anything about treasure. This episode is one they both really enjoyed!

Living Underground in Bejiing


To say this was an unusally interesting episode is an understatement. 

How Poison Ivy Works


In our house poison ivy is a common problem. Boys who like to play in the woods means boys end up with poison ivy. This podcast helped ALL of us learn what to do and what NOT to do next time we get poison ivy. 

Two Times in the Seventies People Were Buried in Ferraris 


Very entertaining!

The Mystery of the Mary Celeste


We all love podcasts about shipwrecks and this one was a good one!

The Simpsons Spectacular Parts 1 & 2


Henry loves The Simpsons so this special two-part episode was a real treat. We learned about the history of the show, from the writers to the characters and everything else you’d ever want to know about The Simpsons. If your family loves this show, this is a great listen!

Why can’t we find Amelia Earhart?


History and plane mystery–a great combo! This is a great episode!

How Port-a-Potties Work


More than you ever need to know about the port-a-potty!

How the Negro Leagues Worked


With two baseball playing boys in the house at the time we listened to this episode, this was a home run!

How the Iditarod Works


As dog lovers we enjoyed this episode, but we have to admit that we felt sorry for the dogs 🙁

How the Great Train Robbery Worked


A famous bank robbery on the rails–this episode led us to watch a documentary about the Great Train Robbery on Netflix!

A Dry Look at Toilet Paper


The history of toilet paper? Yes! And it is very interesting! You’ll really appreciate your Charmin! 

Who Gets to Name Continents?


We all love geography in our house, so this episode was a winner!

How Marajuana Works


This was another really important podcast for us in terms of teaching our kids about drugs. Chuck and Josh cover everything, including stuff we had no idea about. 


Podcasts can be an excellent source of learning and entertainment. Hook up your bluetooth speakers by your pool and listen as a family! Next time we will take a look at music streaming services!