If you have a pool, chances are you have a pool noodle! A pool noodle can be one of the cheapest aqua exercising tools! We’ve gathered a whole bunch of ideas on how you can use your noodle in pool to strengthen muscles, promote balance and burn calories!

Pool noodles come in different sizes and can be made from different materials. If you are an average sized adult, go with the regular pool noodle that you can find online at Amazon or a local retailer. If you are on the tall and larger side, go with the larger, wider pool noodle. The larger noodle will also give you more resistance. If you are in shape and the regular pool noodle isn’t cutting it, give this one a try! This is the size you will look for, it is often called a “jumbo” noodle:


Here are some you can get started with today–we’ll have more next time:


Our Facebook Page has some water exercise videos you might want to watch–Henry posts a video every summer day at 2:00:


Remember to check with your doctor if you are at all uncertain about your physical ability to exercise in your pool! Start slowly and work your way into a regular routine!